The Thrive Challenge

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Let us introduce you to the next great business entrepreneur on the planet – you!

Entrepreneurship doesn’t require you to be perfect, it doesn’t require you to be massively educated.. It requires your ability to take calculated risks, fail, get up quickly, learn, shift, and take action again. Thrive teaches thru experience rather than thru knowledge. Teaching thru failure, disaster, rejection and the excuses that have us quit. This is not for the weak hearted however Thrive promises that you staying in the game for 28 days you will have created a business of your dreams and activate the business leader within.

The Intimology Challenge Benefits includf

  • Vision & Purpose – find out what you want and why you want it; clarity on how this company will impact your life that of others and for what purpose
  • Identify Your Market – identifying the problem that you will create a solution for/identifying the void in the market that you will fill
  • Products – learning product development, compelling story telling to land sales, what will you sell & why; cultivating products that people need
  • Marketing techniques – what will you use? tape worm marketing? do you need PR person? affiliate network strategies etc? word of mouth?
  • Sweat Equity – what can you do for yourself to push the company forward; use our Role Model Design to enroll others to do things for you for free!
  • Sell Yourself – finding funders to invest not only in you company, but in you, neworking potential clients in the opportunity you present
  • Opportunity in Failure – Understanding what failure really is and being able to get up from it and adjust and go forward again
  • How to Distiguish yourself – learn how to seperate yourself from the rest of the market and find your niche clients
  • Sustainability – How to avoid the sales lows and stabilize your companies revenue
  • Happiness & Balance – the daily practices to love and see the journey as the prize

Welcome Aboard!

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