Dear Woman, 

There’s a FIRE ? burning deep within our soul. A fire that burns, molds and transforms. 

A fire that’s beautiful yet FIERCE.✨  

She burns through the weeds, molds ether into form, creation into matter, transforms seeds into generations, stories into legends.? 

She speaks through the silence of the flames, mirroring back to us the desires behind our will, the pain behind our purpose, the legacy behind our courage.??

The STRENGTH of a woman is remarkable. Our body chosen to DELIVER life.?

We see, feel and listen in a way that projects far into the unknown. We are mystic beings, healers of healers.. our love can transform anything into possibility.

Women when balanced are naturally heart centered. We are the gatherers. We create a home out of a house, nurture boys into men.

We create c?mmunity. 

In ancient times, we were the head counsel. As we hold the gift of vision. 

Biblical stories say we came from the rib of man. The sole purpose of the rib cage is to protect the heart + the lungs. 

The heart ❤️ is the mind of the Spirit. The lungs hold the breathe of life. Breathe in Latin really means spirit. 

We have the privilege of protecting life and holding the vision for generations to come. 

But it can only be done if we honor the role of man. The masculine energy within us all. If we work in a partnership that honors both as one. 

The seed without the womb would be nothing. The womb without the seed would be nothing. 

It’s time to AWAKEN that fire ? within us all. 

Woman let’s own our role. We are the soil. We create the context of life, awakening the greatness of men as we own our greatness.

There’s so much beauty in our soul when we OWN our role. It’s time. 

Sending love to all the beautiful goddesses.?? 

#Creating2017 #livethedreamyoulove

Welcome Aboard!

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