How You Can Use New Year’s Day as a Reflection Day

Many people rush through the holidays and dive into the New Year so they can be “done” with the previous year and ready for what the new one has in store. I’ve been guilty of this in the past. I know that this feeling usually stems from a series of negative or unfortunate events that just leaves you looking forward, rather than looking back. But, one thing I’m going to try this year is to use New Year’s Day as a reflection day. You can too! It’s all about the art of completion and being emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally prepared to acknowledge all the blessings and lessons that came with 2016. Here are a few tips in each category that will help your 2017 begin with a bang!

Emotional Completion

Journaling is a great outlet for your feelings. Make it a point to jot down all the fabulous things that happened to you. But, don’t leave out the negatives. It may be hard to rehash and revisit those dark days, but by doing so; you’ll allow yourself to accept that those times occurred and even elaborate why they did or what you learned as a result of them.

Physical Completion

Good old physical activities aren’t just good for your body, but are good for your soul! I can name dozens of sweat sessions, running through my neighborhood or participating in a cycling class where I let my negative thoughts or fears fuel me through my workout. With every drop of sweat, I felt as though I was unloading all my problems, making them a thing of the past.

Spiritual Completion

Meditation is a great way to focus on your year. Consider lighting a candle, dimming the lights, and allowing your mind to bring images (positive and negative) of the year that is about to be behind you. It gives you a chance to work though each image that is coming to your mind, and thanking the God you celebrate for being alive and able to even have a memory. It will help you pray for and worship your life and yourself without being interrupted by anyone or anything.

Mental Completion

I’ve been accused of “being in my head” a lot; which means I often get lost in my thoughts. I don’t think that it is a bad thing by any means. Reserve some time to take a walk through the woods alone, or roll a blanket out under the stars late one evening. Bask in the silence and allow your mind to daydream and imagine what your 2017 will look like. After accepting and acknowledging your past year, you can pave the way for what you imagine your new year and, potential new life will look like. Your mind is one of your most powerful weapons, so think big and think positively!

By no means is the art of completion easy. It’s simple to acknowledge all the positive aspects of your year, but reliving all the lousy moments can be really difficult. As you’re going through the process, just remember that by completing, you create space in your life for whatever the New Year has in store for you!




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