Accelerate: Transform the Relationship with Your Teen in 4-Weeks.


Transform the relationship with your teen in 4 weeks!


Accelerate is the formula that takes the guess work out of connecting with your teenager. Our product brings forth research on success in Corporate America, Athletic Teams Sports, all the way to ancient philosophies by the great world thinkers like Plato, Emerson and Aristotle and spiritual teachings from the eastern world. Transformational and Leadership distinctions that will completely alter your experience of life in the comfort of your living room.

All of this has been carefully condensed to bring you the ONLY simple solution in family transformation. In step by step daily doses of 4-week online transformational challenges with a global community of innovators risking and transforming their lives together.

Take one step forward. Believe in yourself enough to invest in this program, and more importantly to invest in your teenager. We promise you that, your best is enough.

The Accelerate Challenge Benefits include:

  • getting clear on creating a powerful vision of success for you and your teenager.
  • designing your lives around that vision, creating clarity, focus and a powerful action plan behind it.
  • learning innovative ways for both you and your teenager to communicate effectively towards the vision you both desire.
  • developing a mindset that has you take action, a mindset that takes away the excuses and fears that have stopped you and your teen in the past.
  • learning how to fail and understand failure as an opportunity to learn and grow and get back up with resilience and power.
  • learning how you and your teenager being in service to others actually develops a strong and meaningful connection between the both of you.
  • ultimately knowing that you and your teen are designers and creators of your new future and the possibilities for the both of you are endless.
  • having fun with a global community, transforming the relationship with your teen in 4 weeks.

The Accelerate Claim:

What would be a bigger gift than witnessing your teenager be accepted to an Ivy League University or than seeing your teenager score in the top 5% of the SATs?

Or maybe just graduate from a great local college, graduating with honors and achievements that lead them into a great career path, with solid meaningful relations, living a great purposed filled life?

What would it be like to see your son or daughter living the life of their dreams in academics, career, relationships, contributions, leadership and much more?

Unfortunately those life skills and values are not being taught in schools in the world today.

Until now.

Dignity’s 4-Week challenges offer a fun creative way of learning life skills and success distinctions in a practical interactive program and setting -your own space and timing.

Success distinctions that have been taught to the exclusive elite CEO’s of The Fortune 500. The best part is that you get to do it with your teen!

Is 45 minutes a day for 28 days worth a life time of treasured memories for your family? The same 45 minutes that we give to TV, reading, exercise, commuting, groceries, etc. …


45 minutes a day for a parent and 25 minutes a day for a teen is all it takes.

Yes! That’s all it takes for a parent to learn step-by-step how to connect and become a master coach of your teen’s success, having them succeed in areas of their lives that they never saw possible.

The highly acclaimed Accelerate is a revolutionary yet simple 4-Week, 45 Minute A Day- Challenge, launching live November 2nd, 2015. It is custom designed to fit your family’s specific needs and desires, transform the relationship with your teenager, reveal their inner greatness, while having you both win in the things that matter to you.

If your teenager’s success matters to you then invest in their success.

If you’re buying Accelerate as a gift for yourself, for your teen, your loved one or your friend, Accelerate promises to be the Only solution to seeing your child win in the game of life with you in a fun loving creative way!

Take the first step. Act now by investing in the success of yourself and your teen.

Welcome Aboard!

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