As we look in the rear view mirror at 2017, you can reflect on all that was accomplished, all that wasn’t accomplished and the lessons you learned from it all.

Regardless of how 2017 went for you, how will 2018 be the springboard year where you took your life and leaped into your greatest life ever?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Common sense, right? But … common sense isn’t common.

In fact we spend most of our lives trying to put a round peg in a square whole by showing up the same way, with the same approach, the same attitude … and expecting a different result.

The universe rewards those that are willing to reinvent themselves. The universe conspires in your favor when you stay committed even during the tough times .. especially during the tough times.
Your persistency to see something through to the end no matter how hard it gets is your greatest ally.
You will to get back up is your best friend from now til the end.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to have the mindset to process information in an empowering way so that you can use it as firepower to take you up the mountain of success. Today’s lesson is about your emotional intelligence to stay the course …. no matter what.

If you look at your life you can think of times you’ve quit on something and regretted it. We all can. Its part of what makes us human. We have fears, self doubts, doubts about others etc … We have built our beliefs about the world based on our childhood trauma and in many cases forgot that we did that. So our beliefs are based on scary moments that we carry with us into adulthood and play out in so many ways i.e. the woman who doesn’t trust men, the father that beats his kids to make his points, the guy who’s afraid to raise his hand or ask the cute girl at the bookstore out on a date.


Fear will be a part of your life for as long as you are breathing. The question is will fear serve as what stops you from getting back up after failing or will it be something that your able to work through so you can get to the other side? There are those that will not be willing to walk through the uncomfortable parts of life and some that will walk only until they fail and then they stop. The part that gets me is choosing to quit has nothing to do with your actual ability.

People from privileged backgrounds with all the resources in the world to get help may quit long before someone with less does. So if this is true then what I can tell you is that your success is not based off of your skills to do things … its based off your emotional intelligence to never give up.

What is your biggest goal for 2018? What fears or doubts do you have about it? If you don’t have any fear about it, I would challenge that your goal isn’t big enough, that you’re playing it safe.

If you know what fear you have around this goal that has stopped you up until now, then we can start to ask another question … What is more important, my comfort or my goal coming true?

In 2018 are you willing to step out onto the skinny branches of life and get out of your comfort zone? Are you willing to burn the midnight oil and roll up your sleeves and get shit done?

Are you willing to spend less them entertaining yourself and more time learning and researching your goals?

This is not for everyone.

Success won’t come to everyone. BUT >>> The choice is yours. The actions you take or don’t take are determined by no one other than you…

What is the one risk you will take towards your biggest goal this month? What is that one thing courageous act you will take to make your dreams a reality?

Do it.

Thats the warrior mentality. The warrior doesn’t have all the answers but believes that the dots will connect if they are willing to have the faith to walk the path of the unknown.

Today you will walk alone if you have to. Today you will demonstrate to yourself through your brave action how much you love yourself. Today is the day you plant your flag and declare to the world that you are architect of your life.

The greatest days of your life lay ahead…. we’ll see you at the top!

With love,
JD Mitra

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