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Do you want to be a professional speaker? Do you want to be able to tell a compelling story in front of a group of people that has them be inspired to take action? Do you want to make money speaking?

Learn how to captivate people thru your message, make a difference in community and earn a successful living in the process. Regardless if its in the boardroom or in front of thousands of people, learn the secrets to working thru the common fears that people have in public speaking and how your vision and how you see your audience affects the impact of your message. Speakers Inc is a group of powerful people ready to step on the biggest stages across the globe sharing their voice, their message.

The Speakers, Inc. Challenge Benefits include:

  • Why are you here? Get clear on the reason why you want to hold a mic. What is your message?
  • Tell Your Story – People are not inspired by facts, their inspired by stories, whats your story? Learn how to affectively create your story.
  • Fine tuning and distinguishing – learn how to cultivate your brand and your message to align with who you are
  • Body Langauge – the science behind hands, hand gestures, eyes, laughter, posturing
  • Landing Points – how to land points with losing people, how to connect the dots and land points that flow with other points
  • Getting The Gigs – find out how to get speaking engagements, how to affectively follow up with people, how to make a great impression
  • Practice Makes Permenant – learning about recording yourself even when your not on stage, what to watch for on your film, how to critic
  • Building a Following – how to stay new and fresh and to constantly create value for those that follow you when your not on stage
  • Making Money Doing What You Love – learn the principals of making your passion into your fulltime career, making money, making a difference

Welcome Aboard!

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