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RISE UP: 5 Ways to Solve Inner Conflict – The Book Every Teenager Needs To Read Before The Age of 17

Inner conflict begins from the moment we wake up – its unavoidable. Inner conflict doesn’t care how many seminars you’ve gone to or how much money you have in your bank account.

This book was designed for teenagers to rise up and move through their own inner turmoil with grace, passion, and clarity.

Rise Up has been designed to bring forth emotional intelligence to handle the most difficult circumstances life throws at you. Highly touted experts in the personal development industry have called Rise Up “A must read for any young person.”, because more than any of us, teenagers are the ones caught in the crossfires of the influence of the media, the influences of parents and teachers, the influences of their peers, all pulling them in different directions, telling them whats right, whats wrong, while they are trying to figure out their own sense of personal identity.

It goes without saying that adolescent phase is the most critical in life because it is the time period where we have the most daunting and complex questions. While the difficulty of the questions may be challenging, the answers to those questions are even more confusing. As toddlers and in elementary school, the answers that our parents, teachers and adults around us provided seemed logical and true. Then as we grow, we encounter infinite information coming from all sides that challenges every belief we had, every value that we have been taught. How do we know what’s true? Where do we go when the answers that our parents, teachers and society gives us, are in conflict with each other? “Who do I follow? And how does what I have to say factor into this choice?” Teenagers succumb to the pressures of answering these epic questions because the stakes are higher than ever before.

Rise Up uses proven transformational methods that have young people create clarity on who they are in any moment. It is in these pivotal moments that young people get to have cultivated a strong sense of who they really are regardless of the all the world’s conflicting influences. We have provided the simplest steps to have teenagers self realize and come up with their own answers they seek for their own life. What cost would you put on your teenager acquiring the tools to access their own answers at any given moment for the rest of their life?

This book will serve as a guide for life, implementing strategies that can be used to enhance life at any stage. Teenagers have the power to make their teen experience one that will last a lifetime. Create a life of clarity and success. Invest the money but more importantly, invest the time to reading the highly acclaimed Rise Up.

Parents, the best gift for your teenager is having access to tools that you did not have growing up. In the Age of Information, no book becomes more of a vital part of your youth’s life.

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