The Accelerate Challenge

The Accelerate Challenge is designed for parents and teenagers to positively transform their relationship. The 4-Week Simple, Step-by-Step Program makes it easy for parents to connect with their own vision, their child’s personal vision, and, a powerful vision for their family. Best of all, this wonderful unifying Dignity University Challenge will be experienced in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, joined by a global community committed to bringing their relationships to new heights through The Accelerate Challenge


The Jumpstart Challenge

Studies show only 8% of people achieve success with New Years Resolution. Jumpstart is a 4-Week Challenge that has you take committed action in designing and creating a year of success. Jumpstart is about having you design a roadmap for the New Year that has you be inspired to take daily action. Through the Jumpstart Challenge, you will create your most powerful year yet. Take the most important step in jumpstarting your year.

Welcome Aboard!

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