Thanksgiving PSA:::::::

It never fails that around this time of the year it gets dark for me.. wounds from childhood resurface as the holidays were very different for us. 

It was on a day like today years ago that I decided to run away from everything I knew, leaving behind my family, my friends, my belongings.. everything I knew was on that little island. So I retract and reflect often these days as I plan for the future.

Dignity has become my obsession and yet each day I experience a sweet surrender, my platform of devotion to a Creator that has blessed me with so much has now started to take on its own wheels.

Dignity is a platform for people to self express their purpose, love and beauty… creating real change in the world as they transform their life from the inside out. 

It’s our mission that everyone is treated with dignity, beginning with themselves as the source of their creations.

Can’t stop thinking of Standing Rock and how the irony of today being Thanksgiving. 

The first thanksgiving ever had 90 natives present and 53 pilgrims.. the pilgrim’s first harvest in the new world as they believed and declared. 

Both parties learned so much from one another and now we see this war going on that the media isn’t televising. 

Why? Because it’s not newsworthy? Because the natives don’t have stock in the media? 

My heart is heavy and yet because of everything I’ve been through, I know this too will pass. The ones with the rubber bullets and water cannons will eventually win by force as we eat our thanksgiving dinners tonight. 

A custom the natives taught us.. the importance of gathering and paying gratitude after every harvest. 

Thanking the sun, moon and stars.. the men, women and children. The community. The earth and its sacred waters. That was the native’s way. 

Yes I am grateful. I’m grateful for my Creator. For blessing me everyday way more than I deserve. 

I’m grateful for everything. 

I’m grateful for each and everyone of you. I’m grateful for every breakdown and every breakthrough. 

For every blessing and for every lesson. 

I’m grateful for all of your love and support. I’m grateful for all the amazing people I know.

I’m blessed to be surrounded with so many caring light warriors. 

I’m grateful for my ability to create family everywhere I go.. for creating powerful communities across the globe. 

I’m grateful for all our clients, grads and students, for my coaching clients who inspire me everyday. 

I’m grateful for the people I coach now and for all that I’ve coached in the past.. you inspire me everyday. 

I’m grateful for the youth I serve.. your courage and creativity inspire me everyday. 

I’m grateful for my coaches who have rewired my own stories and have quickly become friends that I love, respect and admire so much. 

Thank you for never buying into my fears and not good enough stories. You inspire me everyday.

I’m grateful to inspire people everyday to live their truth and purpose. To be the difference. 

I’m grateful for the dignity team.. for believing in this mission and doing the impossible every day… I’m humbled when I see the team working super late hours just because. You inspire me. 

I’m grateful for my partner, for walking this path with me each and everyday despite the curveballs and all the breakdowns, despite the ongoing exhausting learning curves, your love and faith in me keeps me going. 

I’m grateful for the past for it made me who I am. I’m grateful for the future for it allows me to dream, imagine, and be inspired. 

I’m grateful for today. For the present always gifts me freedom, an abundance of love, joy, courage, creativity and beauty. I’m grateful for my faith and resiliency.. for my perseverance, my strength to never give up. 

My loyalty and friendships. 

My authenticity and truth seeking ways.

My purpose and mission. 

My ability to create from nothing. 

For my spirituality. 

Today I pay gratitude by making a donation for supplies and care packages for the fearless warriors protecting our waters. 

Tonight we count our blessings around a table surrounded with infinite love, it is my hope and request we all say a prayer for those that taught us our thanksgiving ways. 

Make a small donation to support those taking a stand tonight. 

Thank you for using your voice for what matters most.

Get out there and serve, connect, spread faith and hope during this holiday. 

Remind people of their beauty, their gifts and talents, of how blessed they truly are. 

If its just you alone tonight, you’re not alone. I too for many thanksgivings celebrated alone. Use this time to connect to how you can make a difference from where you are and what you have, how can you serve the bigger picture tonight. 

Make tonight a beautiful reminder of all the blessings – past, present and future.  What are you grateful for?

For all the blessings that came and all the blessings to come. 

Thank you for believing in your brilliance and the magic you have to share. 

We honor you. 


Michelle Jeovanny

Welcome Aboard!

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