Twice the pull.. double the fun. Aquarian new moon pairs up with the rooster new year.

The fire rooster as the Chinese perspectives declares 2017 to be the year of action, the year of focus, the year of confidence, the year of integration. We’ve been given many lessons, now is the time to apply them as we connect to

Discipline and diligence. Learning how to walk our talk and follow through. Setting aside our emotions and focusing on the longevity of our goals, sustaining those heartfelt pursuits that makes us come alive.

It’s a time for finding and owning our voice as we all feel this sudden pull to support the energetic uplifting of the world.

A huge wake up call to act. To serve. To actively engage in this global shift we are all experiencing.

The rooster naturally feels a responsibility to her roost – the world, which is where the Aquarian new moon comes into play.

The Aquarian energy is rising.. calling us all up to participate in the birth of a new world. A world of integrity, love and inclusion.

A call to freedom. To purpose. Innovative thinking and insightful communication. A balancing of connecting and drawing firm boundaries. A balance between living in the moment and pursuing our long term goals..

Can we let go of our need for instant gratification? Given what we have, what can we create? Can we commit to the long term focus our goals are demanding of us?

Right before the expansion, we are all feeling the energy of discomfort.. the polarizations creates a rebelliousness that inspires us to do our part, activating our will power to take responsibility to protect our Mother Earth and all of its people regardless of race, gender and history.

The great awakening.

The new moon activates a creative swirl within us all, activating creative partnerships of all kinds to learn how to work together, balancing the masculine and feminine energies as we enter higher frequencies.

Creative expressions at the grass root level.. so many people all around the globe taking a stand for love. And yet it’s a time for organization and structure…great shifts take place through daily consistent action.

The key is to remember this entire world is all a mirror, this projection is a reminder, a wake up call to go within and heal the divisive parts with us all. The part that points the finger and is quick to judge. The wounded child that is hurt by all she sees.

The Aquarian warrior knows it’s a time to feel the discomfort, to engage in our role of personal transformation, living our purpose.

The ego wants to save the world.. and yet spirit knows. There’s nothing to save. It’s a time to honor ourselves, our collective, becoming our own friend.. as we learn to love, enjoy and share ourselves, we learn to hold our hands and become our friend. And as we learn to become our friend, we in turn become a greater friend to all.

Stay close to those who inspire you.. consistent action and a long term focus. We have everything we need. We are all in this together. It’s time.

Welcome Aboard!

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