Michelle Jeovanny Lopez

Chief Operating Officer | Founder

There are many “titles” that can be used to describe our CEO – Transformational Trainer, Seminar Designer, Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker, and Author. Ironically, if you had the opportunity to sit and talk with Michelle, she will tell you that she considers herself to be nothing more than a Portal For World Possibility. Michelle advocates that each person living today has that same possibility. Her unique disposition makes her fresh and distinguishable.

A visionary and innovator, whose message and style has empowered thousands of people around the world to see the greatness in themselves, leading to new enterprenuers developing cutting edge methods to bring positive sustainable impact on society. Her youth initiatives in 7 countries expands the globe 10,000 miles to teenage ambassadors that dare to be the new game changers of tomorrow.

Her humility, brilliance and fierce commitment has inspired everyday people in the U.K., Spain, Dominican Republic, India, Mexico, Canada, Australia and the United States to take committed action on their life aspirations. Those everyday people also include 138 blind and deaf teenage girls in an ashram in Kolkata, India that now see themselves as difference makers, serving as inspiration to their sisters across the globe.

Michelle’s ability to powerfully connect to the dreams of people from all walks of life comes from her being in service thru her world travels. It is the life purpose of this same revolutionary pioneer that has thrusted her to the front line of the mission of Dignity University – To Connect People To The Inner Genius, to their truth. When you look at a company, you see the logo, you see the products… we see the heart of benevolence that permeates from the soul of our beloved leader.

Certifications and Trainings:
-Finance, Marketing & International Business -LIU
-Trainer Forum -Trainer Designs Global
-Trainer Forum Intern -BettieSpruill & Ray Blanchard
-MatrixEnergetics & Mastery -Dr. Richard Bartlett
-MasteringEnergyDynamics -Dr. Richard Bartlett
-Oneness -Oneness University with Ramlogan
-YouthSpeaking/Coaching -YouthSpeakerUniversity
with Josh Ship

“Behind each fingerprint lies a unique blueprint of genius and purpose, that once unlocked will completely transform the world.”
-Michelle Jeovanny

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