Studies show only 8% of people achieve success with New Years Resolution. Jumpstart is a 4-Week Challenge that has you take committed action in the areas that matter to you. Jumpstart is about having you design a roadmap for the New Year that has you be inspired to take daily action. Through this 4-Week Challenge, you will create your most powerful year yet. Take the most important step in jumpstarting your new year.

What would be the value of overcoming obstacles and ultimately accomplishing that one major goal that somehow you always seem to struggle with? 28 days of the Jump Start Challenge will have you bust thru the circumstances of that seemingly elusive goal and get you to the other side to victory. So what is it for you? Is it losing those 30lbs that you kept on since having a baby? Is it starting that dream business that you always promised yourself you would do? Or maybe it’s quitting smoking?

Jump Start doesn’t focus on the problem the same way we program ourselves to do. And while the solution to the problem would seem logical to focus on, even that isn’t the main focus. Jump Start gets you clear on what you want and why you want it. When you have your “What” and your “Why” clear, solutions will start to organically present themselves. In these 28 days get solve the issue you wanted to solve, but more importantly, live forever the vision of your life by your design in ALL areas of life. You are the designer and artist of your life by design. Are you ready to play?

Jump Start Challenge Benefits Include:

  • Self Worth: seeing yourself at your goal before you get there, what would it provide for you? what would it provide for your family?
  • Whats Stopping You – What You’ve Made Up – understanding the human mind and whats hold you back
  • Affirmations Revelations – learn the power of your own words and how to creates a goal setting tool for life
  • Under the traps of New Years Resolutions – why it does work and what you will do to distinguish your path from 90% of others who will fail
  • Bonus – How to get people inspired in what your goal is in such a way that they can join and help you – for Free!
  • Sustainability – How to climb to the top of the mountain and stay there for life
  • Whats Next – because theres always a whats next, learn how to apply the techniques in Jump Start to every area of your life

Welcome Aboard!

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