Joydev Mitra

Chief Strategy Officer | Founder

Joydev Mitra is the Founder and Creator of NYMPCO Corp, International Outsourcing Solutions, and Omni LLC. His early finanical success as a young entrepreneur in New York, taught him how to build deep endearing relationships and connect with the core needs of people. Making money eventually became too small of a game as his passion was truly rooted in showing others how to acheive the same.

Along with showing people how to create wealth, he wanted to make people aware of the pitfalls of not having a balanced life. He presences in all his students that money can be the catalyst for so many great endeavors but is not a stand alone success on its own. In his 17 years of experience in the world of business, he has found a passion in teaching others about their own relationship to money, and how to turn their passions and dreams into a lucrative business.

Today, this self taught business leader, enjoys spending quality time with his family and affecting the lives of thousands that he serves around the world. A Certified Transformational Trainer, life coach, financial expert and philanthropist, Joydev focuses on creating social responsibility and sustainability with all his coaching programs.

His dedication is to serve people by having them experience their true potential, while bringing fun, joy and abundance into their lives and the lives of others. His teachings empowers people to risk their brilliance, to follow their passion, while serving others, creating abundance for themselves and their community, which is the vision he wants to leave behind for his two precious children, Yogi and Zella.

Certifications & Trainings:
-Trainer Forum -Trainer Designs Global
-Master Energy Dynamics -Matrix Energetics
-Business & Finance -Stoneybrook University
-Youth Speaking -Youth Speaker University

“Everyone is a genius, you just get to explore within you where your intuition is guiding you towards. Follow your passion and you will discover your inner genius.”
-Joydev Mitra

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