The 4-week-Challenge

The Challenge

Revolutionary, simple, yet profound. Transformation Through Education, our global initiative, is designed to connect people to their life’s purpose through virtual transformational education. Weare offering education that makes sense; real-life training that will activate your inner genius and unique creativity. Our challenges are designed to have you live out your greatest potential now.

How it works

You will join thousands of people around the world participating in the same 4-week challenge. Each life-training will challenge every one of you to transform and enhance your quality of life. Dignity University offers revolutionary material that will completely transform an area of life from the DU Power Circle of Being, Living and Thriving.

What Others Are Saying

I am worth it.  So are my boys. We lead with our vision since Accelerate


Dad of 3 boys, Ponce, Puerto Rico

What was awkward in the beginning is now the normal way we interact.  Go mom! Our communication is amazing.


Senior, San Francisco, California

Thought provoking, challenging, yet fun and inspiring.


Vancouver, Canada

Not the typical program that I expected.  The program was fun and even in the moments I doubted my own self I connected to the Vision Module of why this is important to me.   My family is worth it.  I am worth it.


Mom; Newark, NJ

Money has always been a factor in everything.  We used it as the excuse not to plan things together.  Our idea of “special time”  was going to the movies.  Now we eat together, create small affordable day trip style vacations together which are super affordable.  Accelerate has made me realize that when there is a will there is certainly a way.  We have a financial vision to save enough over the next 2 years to buy our own house.  We are working as a united family towards that.


Mom of 2 teens and a 7 year old, Phoenix, Arizona

Welcome Aboard!

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