The Intimology Challenge

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There are more love doctors, dating sites and relationship experts than ever before. If thats so, why do so many struggle with “finding the one” or maintaining the excitement and connection in an existing relationship? What’s missing? Intimacy. Intimacy is the gift of freedom, complete trust, self expression, losing yourself, being courageously vulnerable with the knowing that there is nothing to hold back. Intimology is the intimacy of the soul, that which cannot be described in words, but only experienced. Find out how to live the essence of intimacy in with the one you desire, your friend, your lover, your cheerleader, your hero. The relationship of your dreams is in your hands.

The Intimology Challenge Benefits include:

  • Love Thou Self – learn how all relationships begin with your inner love and commitment to yourself.
  • Common Misconceptions – find things that men think about women and the things women think about men … THAT AREN”T TRUE!
  • Intimacy – what is it? Learn what scares people about the word. What is the benefit and how to approach.
  • Build Your Map – getting real about where you are in romance and what has been the biggest thing missing from this relationship
  • Finding Vs Creating – the way to build what you want instead of look for some fantasy that doesn’t exist.
  • Take Action – learn techniques to get out of your “comfort zone” and activate your “Courage Zone”
  • Rebuild, Regroup, Reload – learn about the pitfalls of rejection and how affects people from taking action.
  • Settlement Trap – why do people not go for what they want and rather settle for what they think they can get? You will go for only what you want.
  • Want a 10, Be a 10 – Commitment to Yourself – how to develop all aspects of yourself to be a 10
  • Happy Ever After – learn the keys to keeping intimacy alive and constantly present in your relationship.

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