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Revolutionary, simple, yet profound. Transformation Through Education, our global initiative, is designed to connect people to their life’s purpose through virtual transformational education. Weare offering education that makes sense; real-life training that will activate your inner genius and unique creativity. Our challenges are designed to have you live out your greatest potential now.

How It Works

You will join thousands of people around the world participating in the same 4-week challenge. Each life-training will challenge every one of you to transform and enhance your quality of life. Dignity University offers revolutionary material that will completely transform an area of life from the DU Power Circle of Being, Living and Thriving.

Dignity Programs have you winning in the following 9 Areas of life called The Power Circle of Being, Living and Thriving.

Are you winning in the game of life? What are the areas of life that you are winning in? What are the areas in life that you’re not winning in? How would you know?

We have identified the 9 aspects of life that matter the most to people. These 9 areas are the areas that we as people rejoice in when there’s progress and success, or adversely, these are the areas that we constantly complain about when we experience that we are either falling behind, or at a stand still, or even failing.

People are either empowered or disempowered based on the results they’re able to create. And the tricky part of life is that these life domains do not come with a manual. They don’t really teach you in schools how to win the game of life.

Well not anymore, welcome to Dignity University, the school of life, where we combine the power of community with conscious-based higher education.

Dignity offers online 4-week transformational trainings in the format of fun creative challenges that will have you winning in the following 9 Areas of life that we call The Power Circle of Being, Living and Thriving:

Family & Home

Lets be real. Everything begins with family. You can’t be completely successful in your life’s endeavors without having a great home base. Learn to create a successful family and home.


What do you think about when I say ‘Wealth’ ? High bank balances? Ferraris? Security for the family? Everyone will give you a different answer. Whatever your definition of Wealth, the core foundations for building wealth are not as obvious. Learn the principles of Financial Freedom, Wealth Development, Preservation and Sustainability thru transformational distinctions.


The time when spirituality was considered a weird notion that only Indian people practice are over. As consciousness shifts the world has become present to the fact that having a regular spiritual is valuable to a solid foundation for living. Learn to master spirituality, regardless if you’re just starting to embark on this journey or consider yourself advanced.

Health & Fitness

The benefits of good physical health are well documented. Everyone knows that they’re suppose to exercise everyday, eat vegetables and fruits, water, etc. So if we all know that, then why don’t we do it? Learn how to eliminate the excuses and win the fitness game.


This is the key to success in all areas 9 areas of the Power Circle. We live in a world with people in it. Your ability to be successful in every aspect of life will rest on your ability to create meaningful relationships with others. Find out how to show up as an opportunity for potential clients, how to create real friendships with people, and most importantly how to develop your relationship with yourself so that you’re continuously loving yourself by pursuing the achievements that matter to you.


Why do most people struggle with intimacy? ‘What has me get all these partners I don’t want?’ ‘I love him but I wish he would be more like this…’ ‘Is this the best it’s going to get for me?’ Sound familiar? Find out how to bring sustainable intimacy back into your existing relationship. Find out how to find the 10 you’re looking for by becoming a 10 first.


The strength of a nation is built on its education system. When we say ‘education’ its not just numbers and letters. Education starts with awareness, self realization, designing a life roadmap including goal setting, acknowledgement, and many other important things along the journey. Education is not just about ‘what you know’ or ‘don’t know,’ ­ its about the blind spots of life, the opportunities that present themselves that you don’t see. Learn how to access the infinite knowledge available to you when you learn to create possibility in every endeavor.


People who say ‘money isn’t everything’ should add the following.. ‘but it creates the opportunities for you, your family, and for your communities as a whole. People around you need you to become financially successful.’ Learn to apply the principles for success in creating a career and business you love and be great at.


Fulfillment is only truly felt when you’re in service to others. Giving back to community is the ‘selfish game for the giver.’ We don’t do it only to ‘help people,’ we do it to experience the joy that only the gift of giving provides. Learn to integrate service and how to build successful, sustainable and empowered communities all around you.

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