Here’s your chance to be published in over 9 different countries!

Hey there writer -Yes YOU!

Are you an aspiring writer, author, blogger? Are you looking for a way to get published? Are you looking to take your career as a writer to the next level? Well here’s your chance!

We’re on a mission to touch 1 million lives by the year 2018. We believe in combining the power of community with conscious-based higher education. Real education that makes sense. Transformation made easy. Inspiring communities to live out their full potential, inspiring individuals to self realize their life’s purpose.

We understand that to reach our goal, we get to expand our team. We’re looking for the innovators, the dare devils, the rebels, the writers and leaders who are all about inspiring, awakening and diving into elevating the human potential. At dignity, we offer a unique online educational platform that will give you exposure in over 9 countries.

If you are interested in making a contribution to all of life thru your writings, the articles we are interested in fall under the 9 categories of the Power Circle: Education, Wealth & Finances, Family & Home, Relationships, Career & Entrepreneur, and Spirituality.

  • We are interested in articles that are in alignment with the context of Dignity.
  • Articles that explore, elevate and expand human potential and consciousness.
  • Articles that talk about the rare stuff people don’t usually talk about.
  • Articles that supports and empowers our planet.
  • Articles that inspire people to look within and take real action.
  • Articles that have people believe in themselves a bit more.
  • Articles that awaken and connects people to their own truth.

If you are interested in getting published please contact us and send us a couple writing samples and a little bit about yourself.


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