Today we honor those that observe Yom Kippur which is the most important of the Jewish holidays, also known as the day of atonement.

But you don’t have to be Jewish to understand the value of such a pivotal day. Why is forgiveness so important? Acceptance & Forgiveness has and always will be the most important task of our lives. It’s the catalyst to all great endeavors because it has you empowered to start fresh.

The word Salach which means to ‘forgive’ has the same letters as the word  ‘Chasal’ to finish. When we forgive someone we are finishing, we are completing within ourselves. We are saying to the world that we are unwilling to carry this burden, unwilling to carry the pain that was caused from the past.

Sometimes we think, “why should I forgive? I want them to hurt too for what they did to me!” When we don’t forgive we are allowing the pain of the past to remain with us now. We are allowing the pain to occupy real estate in our minds and in our hearts.

Who do u get to forgive that hurt u? Are you done with the pain of the past? Do it for yourself. Trust that all that has happened to you has a divine purpose which includes making you grow and become stronger.

Have the courage to reach out and let that person know that he or she is no longer burdened by your contempt and that you want the best for them. We promise you will experience the miracles from the universe for this great act.

Welcome Aboard!

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