We are back after some very needed quiet time.

But we’re excited to be back… like FI-NA-LLY! It’s been way overdue and we definitely missed you!

It was an intense summer and sometimes taking breaks from all the self imposed expectations are vital to reassess where we are and where we are moving towards.  

September rolls in with gentle reminders. (And loud ones too!)

Whispers that nudge us, reminding us that no one calls the shots but you.

You are the only one in charge and responsible for your creations.

And yes it’s okay to change your mind and hit reset. It’s okay to take breaks. It’s okay to start over.  It’s okay to want more.

This month is all about resetting, and fully maximizing these last 3 months of 2017.

The last 100 days of 2017 kicks in and yet the Fall teaches us how nature begins to release what’s no longer needed in order to fully begin its season of Harvest.

For us to seed what’s next we must create space.

Nature shows us in a way by how the leaves start changing color and before we know it the leaves begin to drop. It’s how trees prepare for what’s next. To start conserving the energy for different cycles and seasons as Mama Nature runs her course.

So what are you harvesting? What are you diving into?

Here are some suggestions to support you in creating your harvest:

1 – Breathing deeper… this is a game changer. When we we take a few deep breathes, we’re centering ourselves in getting present to this moment and what is being asked of us. Breathing deeper releases stress and supports our bodies in getting grounded.

Take a few deep breaths whenever the overwhelm, anxiety or uncertainty creeps in. It’s recommended at least 7-10 full breaths to anchor into your body and reset your energy field as well as your nervous system.

2 – Creating Space… time to declutter my love. And oh how it’s so needed right now. With everything going on with natural disasters, I’m sure you can spare some clothes, canned foods, flashlights, and anything else to donate to people facing real tragedies in this moment.

And yet cleaning, decluttering, and letting go of all the idol energies stagnated will energetically create a huge clearing for you and your surrounding. This will make space in your life for what’s next. Decluttering on a physical level will also serve to declutter your mind, and create some clarity as you clear some space.

3 – Self love rituals… This is so needed to continuously regenerate. Focus on 1-2 things you can do for yourself. How do you pamper yourself? How do you show love to yourself? We are so on the go go go that we tend to leave ourselves last. And then become victims, feeling deflated, tired, moody, grumpy, rigid.. All because we didn’t tend to our own sacred garden.

Our surroundings and experiences are a direct reflection of how much we love ourselves. So definitely make time for you and show yourself love at least a couple or a few times throughout the week.

4 – Heart Centered ACTION… now is the time to focus on what matters most. What are some of the things you’d like to accomplish before the year ends? What is top priority? This is about you risking and focusing on the important things to bring in the new year with a sense of completion and acknowledgment, creating the momentum your heart desires.

Whatever your rituals are, now is the time to be super mindful and extra compassionate. To simplify and release. To consciously choose the thoughts and actions that will manifest the life we truly desire.

So many energies are being activated right now with all the current events and natural disasters taking place so that we feel and drop into our hearts. That’s where we’ll find our answers. That’s where we’ll find our solutions. Our guidance. Our next steps. I’m really excited to share with you more and more as we ring in the new year together.

Sending love your way!  

Welcome Aboard!

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