The phrase “New Year’s Resolutions” has taken a negative stigma over the years.  

With a tremendously low success rate it begs the question, “Why do New Year’s Resolutions fail?”

Why do 96% of people fail their New Year’s Resolution by week 3?  

More importantly,TT

Let’s dive into these questions ..

First, the motivation from a News Year’s Resolution normally comes from an emotional place. We get excited with this blank canvas as we reset the year. People get really excited about losing and releasing weight, joining a gym (notice how all gyms are super packed at the beginning of the year and empty by the end of the year.

In short, the excitement goes away fairly quick if we haven’t developed the mindset and behavioral patterns that align to our goals.

The excitement may have been inspired by a vision, a glimpse of what you could look and feel like that doesn’t last. The excitement doesn’t carry over and overcome the mundane activity of eating right or exercising day after day after day.

Your feelings are NOT an accurate test for reality.

When things are “feelings driven” typically it doesn’t last. Feelings come and go. Today you feel excited, tomorrow you feel lazy.  If you based all your goals based on “how you feel” then your goals would be strictly dependent on that particular feeling.

In fact in certain areas of your life you are feelings driven and dependent on your feelings in a particular moment to move you forward. You’re not going to have sustainability when you make “the way you feel” as your barometer.

Feelings can be helpful in getting you towards your goals, some people more than others depending on your general optimistic or pessimistic outlook on life. But feelings alone can’t get you to the promise land.

In other words to create sustainable results in the areas of life that matter to you it has to come from a solid commitment – a vision that translates into


Commitment, more than feelings, will get you to where you want to go because the commitment itself propels you to overcome your feelings, especially on those lazy days.

Commitment Vs Good Idea

Before we move forward we want to make sure you can distinguish between real commitments and great ideas.  People amazingly think they’re committed when they make promises to themselves or to others when in reality their not.

So what’s the difference between a real commitment and let’s say “a good idea”?

Have you ever said ‘it would be a good idea to …”?

How about this one, “It would be great if one day ….”?

How have those statements worked out for you? Hey if it was just about making comments we’d all have 6 pack abs. But the reality is success and failure derives in you taking committed action consistently in the things that matter to you.

Good ideas are a terrific start, but I know some very knowledgeable people with great ideas that are unsuccessful in meeting those ideas with results because the idea never translates to action.

So how do you know if you’re committed?


Do you take action?

Do you take action consistently, regardless if you feel like it or not?

That’s how you know. Think of all the activities that are real commitments not just good ideas.

Here’s a simple example, putting on clothes everyday.  Do you do it?  Yes.

So are you committed to putting on clothes everyday?  Yes!

What else?  How about brushing your teeth?  Are you committed to brushing your teeth?   I’m assuming the answer is yes 🙂

You will know if you are committed to something if you can actually say “yes I do it consistently”.

Honesty when setting up the GPS

It’s not rocket science BUT it does require a heartfelt gut check moment of truth.

Truth in being honest about where you are and what actions are needed to get you to where you want to be.

Some people live in denial blaming everyone and everybody for why they are not where they want to be. Some people blame their parents, others blame their finances, and some people blame their spouses, business partners or even their past.  

The reality is that YOU are responsible for the results of your life.  

You are the common denominator to all your dreams, goals, plans and all your fears, doubts and circumstances.

So in doing your personal evaluations on whether you’re committed to your goals or not,  will require you to grade yourself honestly in those areas you’re looking to take on.

If you haven’t been committed to doing whatever it takes to have a goal happen then state what has been in the way or what have you made more important than that goal?

Then after clearing off your results and getting real with yourself, start asking yourself what are the daily/weekly/monthly steps this goal is asking of me?

Break the goal into steps and schedule each action into your calendar.  

Each action you take will result in creating momentum for you to reach your goals.

When you can be honest about where you are and what’s next for you to be successful, you can then set your GPS with confidence and clarity.  

The actions you take will determine your life.  

Thomas Jefferson once said:

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. ACT!

Action will delineate and define who you are!”  

You are a powerful creator.  What will you create?  What will you do tomorrow so that your vision turns out? Do it. Take consistent action from a solid commitment rather than a feeling or a good idea.  

Do it because your life matters … because you’re worth it.  

Because the world is waiting for you to come alive through what matters most to you!

The GREATEST days of your life lay ahead … we’ll see you at the top.

Stay tuned for part 2 of CREATING 2017 next week.


Welcome Aboard!

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