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We are in the business of transforming the world through education. Beyond academics, its the education of the Heart, Body and Soul. Live a life by your design and leave your mark in the world!

Dignity University offers revolutionary 4 week transformational challenges. Each 28 Day challenge will transform and elevate the quality of life in a particular domain from health, wealth, business, family, intimacy and relationships.

The challenges are designed to create a vision that’s clear, a powerful roadmap with daily action steps to fulfilling your goals in life, along with the option of participating in a global community forum. Collaborating within a community of like-minded people who are inspired to achieve true excellence amplifies the intention behind your goals, you can start mapping a brighter future where your dreams take center stage.

So what is the life you desire? The dream job, the loving family, vibrant health, prosperity, intimacy, or simply the freedom to live as you wish when you wish? Take the challenge and join a global community of innovators creating a new world together as we self-realize our purpose and potential together! Are you ready?

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Revolutionary, simple, yet profound. Transformation Through Education, our global initiative, is designed to connect people to their life’s purpose through virtual transformational education. Weare offering education that makes sense; real-life training that will activate your inner genius and unique creativity. Our challenges are designed to have you live out your greatest potential now.

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Hello March – Full moon prep

Hello March – Full moon prep

It’s March 1st and we dive into this full moon in Virgo. We are all sensible in some ways to all the piscean energy still flowing. We were all feeling what needed to be felt in order to heal and rise from within. And now, with the rising tides in this virgo energy,...

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Success won’t come to everyone.

Success won’t come to everyone.

As we look in the rear view mirror at 2017, you can reflect on all that was accomplished, all that wasn't accomplished and the lessons you learned from it all. Regardless of how 2017 went for you, how will 2018 be the springboard year where you took your life and...

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Full Blooming, Sustaining Our Growth

Full Blooming, Sustaining Our Growth

And now we are ready to get out and enjoy, to build and create. Spring invites our creativity and the art to innovate. Winter is long gone, the colors are back and we see it so clearly with nature. The season of full blooming is upon us. Some of us are in the what's...

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Release Before Renewal

Release Before Renewal

Tis the season of letting go and for some it can feel scary, for others a necessity. We often dream of celebrating our destination, but fret when life reminds us that it's time to let go and unload. Spring cleaning fevers take over, our spaces both inner and outer,...

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  • What was awkward in the beginning is now the normal way we interact.  Go mom! Our communication is amazing.
    San Francisco, California
  • My dad and I are best friends with new hobbies that make us more connected than we've ever been. The program was fun and simply to follow.
    14 years old Sophomore
  • Thought provoking, challenging, yet fun and inspiring.
    Vancouver, Canada
  • From the entire Goodman Family, thank you thank you thank you! Accelerate is the real deal!
    The Goodmans
    Charlotte, North Carolina
  • We thought we already had a great and open relationship.  This 4 week venture that we embarked on has taken our family bond to the highest level.
    50 year old father
    Melbourne, Australia
  • Not the typical program that I expected.  The program was fun and even in the moments I doubted my own self I connected to the Vision Module of why this is important to me.   My family is worth it.  I am worth it.
    Newark, NJ
  • I am worth it.  So are my boys. We lead with our vision since Accelerate.
    Dad of 3 boy
    Ponce, Puerto Rico
  • Accelerate is the answer for teenagers, parents and teachers across the world. I see the quantum transformation in the students and parents that took part in the program. I am an advocate for Accelerate to be in the Hartford CT School system for 9th ­ 12th grade.
    Hartford CT

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